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A party for my girl: the big day

The big day was finally here. Sabrina’s 21st birthday party. I sure was tired from preparing all week, but also very excited. I couldn’t wait for Sabrina to see the special party that I had prepared for her. She had requested a house party with family. She wanted me to surprise her with whatever theme I wanted to decorate with and I think I did.  It was a boho theme, using mostly chevrons. She was happy with the set up. I sent her a couple sneak peeks throughout the week.

I made a banner using mint green chevron fabric as well as black and gold fabric.  I used more chevron fabric as accent pieces on the table. I bought mint green wall art from the Target dollar section (cost $3). It read “Peace Love and Happy Hour”. A boho design that went perfect for this 21 year old birthday party.

I made a candy bar. Lots and lots of candy. Too much candy. I bought bulk candy from Smart and Final but I found some mint green gumballs (the same color as the chevron fabric) in the party section at Target so of course I had to get them. I bought $1 black and gold buckets from Target to use as candy containers. I stuck some feathers in the candy buckets.

I made little brown paper bags as favor bags for the candy. But while I was at Target, I found some treat cups and paper straws in the exact same chevron colors as the theme for the party. Of course, I had to get them too! I made mason jar succulent planters and decorated the front of the jar with the fabrics. I had my son pop some kettle popcorn in the microwave and pour them into paper bags to place on the dining table. I added more succulent planters on the table.

I bought some LED lights from the dollar section at Target ($3) and used them to decorate the main table.


And of course, I made cupcakes.


Today is Sabrina’s actual 21st birthday. I want to say:

I love you Sabi with all my heart. I am so happy and so proud to be your mother. You make me happy every single day. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. You are my sunshine.  Happy birthday!


Sabi’s cupcake toppers


The cupcakes for Sabrina’s 21st birthday party turned out terrific. Earlier in the week, I had made chevron cake toppers. I used hard cardstock scrapbook paper that I already had in my collection of paper. The design on the paper made it very easy to cut into chevrons:

I cut chevrons out of the hard cardstock paper.  I used a hot glue gun to adhere the toothpicks to the back of the chevrons I had cut.

I was lucky to already have pink chevron napkins. They matched perfectly with the pink chevron cupcake toppers.


The toppers looked great on top of the swirled mound of vanilla frosting. Sabrina loved them.

Today I am grateful for birthdays and cupcakes.

DIY, My Gratitude Journal

A birthday party for my girl

My daughter, Sabrina will be turning 21 on Monday. We’re throwing her a birthday party on Saturday night. I wanted to just take everyone out to dinner but she wanted a house party with her family. So I figured, why not go all out. She has no idea what it will be like so I’ve been sending her sneak peeks.

I sent her this picture today:


She loves it. So far, so good. I hope she likes the whole set up. I sent her this picture yesterday:


These decorations are DIY.  As you can see, my theme is boho, mostly chevrons and I was lucky to find that Target had that theme available. The food is ordered and the decorations are all ready to be set up.Today I made the cupcakes. I told Sabrina I would order a cake but she asked that I bake her cupcakes. I was happy to hear that she loves my cupcakes. She chose vanilla cupcakes. They turned out great!


The last time I threw Sabrina a birthday party was when she turned 18 years old.  We had all her friends over at the house. Now she is 21 and she requested this party as a family party so it’s going to be good family fun times. She will spend time with her aunts, uncles and cousins. So special. She’s off at college, so she misses them. It’s going to be a great 21st birthday party for my girl.


Today I am grateful for my 2 beautiful children.