Lantern festival in LA

Yesterday we attended the Lantern Festival at the Chinese American Museum. Lots of fun. Lots of activites. Lots of culture.  Loved it! The drive there was nice. We were thinking it might rain, but it didn’t! Lucky us. There were places to park. The parking lots were charging $13 which later turned to $8. The lots were all full, so fortunately for us, we used street parking and walked about 3 blocks which was great because we only paid $1.50 at the meter. There was lots of entertainment. Josh wanted to go to the bouncy houses first. We bought 4 tickets for $6 and he was able to go into 2 bouncy houses. Then we walked around the community booths.  We found out that Josh was born the year of the Rat. He didn’t want to make a button with a rat on it, so he chose a dragon instead. I made a dog button since I was born on the year of the dog.


Today I am grateful for Family Fun Days.


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