DIY spray paint and washi tape frames

Time for another spray paint and washi tape craft.  I found some old frames that were in need of updating. Some call this UP-cycling. Don’t throw it away! Upcycle it.


Here’s a frame that’s about 5 years old. It needs a little TLC and a little updating. This picture is from 2011. I think I’ll update the picture too.


I spray painted the frame white. I did three light sprays making sure to dry in between. Three light sprays is better than one heavy spray. At least, that’s what I read on the can.


Use washi tape to decorate the background. Then use another piece of washi tape to decorate the outer frame. I added a sticker. It’s says “favorite things”. 


Yes…Children are a gift from the Lord.

Here’s another frame in need of updating. It’s cute, but needs some updating. Plus, I want my frames to match each other. 


Okay, all painted white. I put the same picture back in it. It’s Joshua and he’s two years old. It’s the day after his 2nd birthday party and he’s posing with one of his favorite gifts. An octopus that blows bubbles! Pop, pop, pop… See the bubbles in the background?


I decorated the top and bottom of the frame with the green/white washi tape. Simple! Then I added a sticker- “Capture the joy”… How appropriate!


Next frame- I spray painted it white.


And added the washi tape.


Now that’s what I call- matchy-matchy! My clothes might not always match, but you betcha that my picture frames will! Spray paint and be free!

“Live to the point of tears.”
Albert Camus

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