Pinterest Project: DIY stained mason jars

Here’s a Pinterest project I tried this weekend. I found the idea on They posted a whole tutorial on how to stain mason jars yourself. Find the article here.

Basically, you will need:

-a mason jar
-Mod Podge
-food coloring
-paper plate
-wax paper
-baking sheet
-and an oven

I like the idea of re-purposing items so I used spaghetti jars for this project rather than buying new mason jars. My son did one and I did one. And here’s how they turned out:


I used washi tape to decorate one of the jars and I added a matching washi tape gift tag.


A fun and easy craft for you and your child to do. Happy Sunday!

The perfect mind, the perfect cover.
I knew her, like… there was no other.
No, I will never, her, forget.
In pure blood – these words are set.
She walks alone now, in my dreams,
where no is never, so it seems.
The night is dark, and near the hour –
to plant a tree, where roses flower.
And then, again, again, once more,
Till hidden is what I adore.
Her heart was pure, and also kind,
And I… should not have acted blind.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here…


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