My first smashbook project

Let’s give this a shot. My first Smashbook project. Rather than buying a Smashbook kit, I decided to make my own with materials that I already have. I used the prints I ordered from I like the size that I ordered them in. I ordered them in 3×3. Seems like the perfect size for my project. By the way, these are all my Instagram photos, so I was able to refer back to my Instagram account to determine chronological order. That helped alot!


I sorted out my prints since I had ordered photos from the year 2013 to 2015. I decided to start out with 2015.


I found a journal notebook and luckily it had a band on the side to keep the pages together. I read that it helps “smash” the papers together. Hence, the name smashbook.


I decorated the outside of my smashbook.


Let’s get started! I collected my materials- gluestick, washi tape, papers and sticker quotes. I only did about 5 pages but I imagine that if I really focused, I could have finished the year 2015 by the end of the day.


I still have to journal. That’s the most important part! I’m happy I got this project started. Can’t wait to show you the finished product.

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