What’s a Smashbook?

I’ve seen these Smashbooks around.  I like scrapbooking but this smashbooking sounds way hipper! It’s been around for some time, so I’m kind of late on this, but I’m really interested to try it out.

So what’s the difference between a scrapbook and a smash book?

The planning: No planning is required for a smash book. It’s a “make as you go” kind of book. You can immediately start pasting items and pictures that same day, like a journal, instead of waiting until the holiday is over or planning your pages out. Oooh, I like that! It lets you be messy and creative and do your own thing, instead of worrying about perfect pre-planned layouts. I can do that!

With the smashbook kits, it comes with a book, pen, calendar, quotes, clips and tape. Or you can make your own. I found a step by step tutorial by The Realistic Mama on how to make a smashbook. 

Here’s mine:




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