My Gratitude Journal

Sunday Bubbly Sunday

Originally posted on September 1, 2013

Such a patient little man…While I was busy doing chores, Josh was keeping busy, playing airplanes and sharks. He borrowed my phone for a little bit. He likes talking to Siri and asking her questions. Sometimes he acts silly. Josh told Siri that he loves it and she told him “that’s nice, can we get back to work now?” Josh made me a hamburger on my iPhone. He said it was a vegetarian hamburger and he wrote this on it: “I love u mom”

I ate every last bit of it. It was delicious! I told him that when I am finished we can go outside. How many minutes? 5 more minutes. I asked him to think of something to do outside. He told me that he wanted to make bubbles and showed me an empty gatorade bottle. He made bubbles at  after school care and wanted to finish his project. I quickly finished what I was doing and looked for the glycerin. I grabbed the dishwashing soap and we began our homemade experiment. I was thinking to myself that we have ready made “miracle bubbles” in the junk drawer. This wouldn’t require any trial and error of any sort. But for Josh, it’s the process not the product. He loves recipes. He loves mixing things. He loves experimenting. After much trial and error (and a new label for our bottle), I asked Josh what he would like to call his new bubble product and he decided on “Josh’s Orange Bubbles”.

We went outside in the blistering heat to try out our new bubbles. They were fantastical! He even used the bubbles to clean his airplane. He put his airplane through the “airplane” carwash. His airplane even got a rinse of water with the water mister. What fun! Because of all the glycerin and dishwashing soap, this solution really went a long way. When we added more water, the amount of bubbles was ridiculous. We played bubble ball fight (like snow ball fight) in the heat. It was fun. Josh liked it.

Here’s our recipe for Josh’s Orange Bubbles
1 cup of water
1 cup of Ajax orange dishwashing liquid
1 tablespoon of glycerin

Have an ever so bubbly day today!

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” – Plato

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