30 minute project: Scrabble LOVE Tiles


What a great way to upcycle those “extra” scrabble tiles. Make some Scrabble Love Tiles!

I had some extra scrabble tiles from a leftover project. I found some old thumbprints of photos. You know, the kind you get from Target, Walmart or Costco when you order photos. They fit perfectly on the scrabble tiles!


For this project,  you will need:

-Scrabble tiles
-thumbprint photos
-acrylic sealer (optional)
-scissors or square paper cutter
-decorative stickers or paper
-nail file


Since the thumbprint photos didn’t completely cover the scrabble tile,


I used a sticker as the base. Luckily, I had a square hole puncher that was almost the same size as the scrabble tile. But if you don’t, scissors and a steady hand work just as well. I placed the sticker on the scrabble tile and used modpodge to glue the picture on top. Then I used a nail file to file the sides down since the sticker went a little over.


I did the same for the scrabble tiles without photos.



Then I used a brush to brush modpodge over the whole tile after I had placed the sticker and/or photo on it. I placed it on wax paper for easier removal after drying. It doesn’t stick onto the wax paper as much.


I let it dry for about 20 minutes, then I sprayed acrylic sealer to give it a glossy finish. This is optional. Sometimes, the modpodge is good enough.



I haven’t figured out what I want to do with these yet. Some people use it as a pendant. Or it can be displayed on a scrabble holder.


These scrabble tiles are fun to make and make cute little gifts.

“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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