My Gratitude Journal

Birthday Traditions with Friends

Today I am grateful for:
Birthday parties with friends, birthday cake, donuts and donut candles, Modcloth gift certificates, Broken guiders, game night with friends, new nicknames, call me Cat.

Every year, my friends and I celebrate our birthdays together. We have a tradition. The birthday girl gets to pick an activity (usually from Groupon) and we all participate.

This year I chose a psychic reading. But because the psychic said we couldn’t go as a group, it had to be an individual reading so she could read my energy better and to keep things personal and confidential. I went by myself and reported my findings with my friends later in the evening. We had set up a game night, which was super fun by the way. We planned to play Scrabble but ended up playing Pictionary all night which later ended up being our own version of Pictionary/ charades. So back to my findings, I reported to my friends what the psychic told me. All great things however at the end, she told me that my guider was broken and for an extra $200 she would meditate for me for 4 days with a 100 percent guarantee that my guider will be fixed. Yeah… That basically made all the great things she told me null and void, at least to me. It was still a fun experience and I’m glad I did it.

Game night with friends was fun and I ended up re-naming myself Cat. Funny thing is that I woke up the next morning and found “Cat” spelled out on the Scrabble board. My son had been playing with it and spelled it out. What a coincidence. You can imagine how happy I was.

Today I am grateful for traditions with friends.

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