My Gratitude Journal


Joshua has been very interested in sharks lately. Here he is swimming in the pool with his shark mask pretending to be a shark.

It’s Sharkboy!!!

I think these interests make great teachable moments. For instance, in the area of arts and crafts. Crafts can be geared towards your child’s interest and make great learning experiences. Joshua made a shark puppet. He was so motivated to make it by himself and cutting those shark teeth were pretty challenging for a 5 year old. Josh made the shark puppet all by himself. He cut the papers and glued them to the paper bag. I made the little fishies.

His interest in sharks is pretty much what prompted our visit to the aquarium. His main goal was to pet the sharks. It was a very educational day and of course, petting the sharks was the favorite part of his day.

Petting the sharks

We even took a last minute beach trip.

Maybe he’ll grow up to be a marine biologist. Enjoying every single 5 year old moment.