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An update on my DIY shadow box frame

Well, it’s been 8 months since I made my shadow box frame and I’ve been able to fill it with some tickets and memorabilia. I didn’t want to put just anything. I was picky about what I placed in there. Extra special special times only…

Here… I took a pic!

*A Yo Gabba Gabba Concert
*A trip to the Zoo
*A Father’s day brunch for Sabrina’s sorority
*Pacific of the Aquarium
*Josh’s Christmas Pageant tickets

How is your Shadow Box Frame memorabilia “collection” coming along?
Filling up with happy memories, I am sure…

It’s these simple things that remind us that…
Life is good…

It’s a thoughtful Saturday for this Sweet Monday girl…


2 thoughts on “An update on my DIY shadow box frame”

  1. I want to make a shadowbox! I have saved similar items, I should get my ass in gear and make it happen. Yours is so sweet- I love how the letters to "admit one" look like scrabble pieces. (Best game)


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