My Gratitude Journal

Dino vs. Jaws vs. Camobear

Today we made a new bear at Build-a-Bear. The new bear’s name is Camobear. Original. Camobear didn’t get a new outfit. Only a pair of fancy sneakers. And by fancy, I mean Skechers.

Time to break that bear in. Josh is the shark and I’m the Camobear and Dino. Camobear does fancy tricks because of his fancy sneakers.

Playing with your kids and building memories is awesome.

My Gratitude Journal

How to really love a child: Children are miraculous


Go to the park and ride the see saw together!

Play together as much as you can!

Have a picnic in a tent in the backyard together!

Write a book together!

Blow bubbles together!

Make a fort every weekend and hide under it!

Make cookies together!

Garden together!

Do crafts together!

Imaginative play together!

Ride a fast ride together!

Be spontaneous together!