My Gratitude Journal

How’s about a scrabble party?

Have you ever had a Scrabble party? They’re fun.

Food, Friends, Fun. Did I mention Fun? In fact, any party with a board game combined with food is fun.

Don’t forget the drinks…in fact, it’s the most important factor

Let’s make the night girly and decorate with mason jars. Drinks in mason jars. Scrabble tiles in mason jars.

Let’s go all out and make place settings with mason jars and extra scrabble holders, pens, scrabble tiles and a notepad. You’re invited! Have a seat. A space with your own personal place setting? Irresistible…

How special. I don’t know a Peggy but if I did, I think she would like it.

Add a pretty cloth place mat and your favorite snacks and drinks and it’s a party!  So… who’s ready for a scrabble party?

Not enticed yet?

Well, Scrabble is good for your brain. Scrabble not only helps you learn new words and definitions, it can improve your memory and help you advance your language skills. It also exercises your brain for long-term learning and retention.
Keeping your brain sharp is so important as you age. Playing Scrabble or any type of brain game/puzzle is a great way to stimulate your mind.

I like playing Scrabble with my children. The rules may be different based on the age level of your children but it’s still fun…a fun teachable moment.

For someone who loves words, you can’t go wrong with Scrabble. It’s one of my favorite things. Have you scrabbled today?

Today I am grateful for playing fun games like Scrabble with family and friends.

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