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Succulents and the arctic breeze

My succulents thrive at work where the air is cold as the arctic breeze. I am always freezing. I can’t type because my fingers feel like icicles. I actually have a shawl that I place over my shoulders or over my legs. I think one person actually wears a parka. When I dress for work, even if it’s 100 degrees outside, I wear a sweater because I know I will be freezing all day in my refrigerated workspace. I go outside to warm up. But I shouldn’t be complaining because air conditioning is a blessing and something I really do appreciate… in moderation.
Done complaining, now use it as a solution.
I noticed that my succulents weren’t really thriving at home. I kept some outside, but with the intense heat, they were not doing so well (and these are succulents!) I kept some inside, but because it is sometimes hot inside because we don’t leave the air conditioning on in the house 24/7, they weren’t doing as well either. I have a couple that are doing okay, but they are close to the ground and were probably survivors to begin with. I’m a plant killer, what can I say. I’m not proud of it.
I re-potted 3 succulents and put new soil in their pots. I chose them because they looked like they were starting to make their way to plant heaven. As soon as I brought them to work, they started to thrive. I really believe it has a lot to do with their new arctic environment because I have re-potted and put in new soil with many of the other succulents but they aren’t thriving like these plants are at work.

They were so close to becoming this:
It used to look like this and it was one of my favorites.
I brought it home to enjoy. I’m not doing that again, at least for a long time. So rule of thumb for this remorseful plant killer. Keep your plants at work. This is my confession. I don’t want to be a plant killer anymore.

5 thoughts on “Succulents and the arctic breeze”

  1. Hi there, I found you through topmommyblogs :). I live in Spain, and when we first moved to our house the previous owners had lots of cactuses and succulents, not keen on the cactuses I put most of them in the greenhouse, but now I'm left with half dying succulents, and I was wondering what to do with them! So I'm glad I found this post! They're not hard to look after, kind of like cactuses without the spines!


  2. Hey! I found your blog via TopMommyBlogs and think it's great. I'm impressed you were able to revive your plants. My house (or maybe just I) kill all plants. It's awful–where happy, thriving greens go to die! Anyway, love your blog! Mine is vegetarian, so you may be interested in checking it out. 🙂


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