Fall into Fall teacher’s gift

Hi Mommies,

It’s that time of the year! That’s right! Fall. All the children are settled into their school routine, early bedtime is in full swing (yeah, fistpump!), and it’s getting dark earlier at night.

The official start of Fall is this Sunday, September 22nd. Why not celebrate and ring in the new season by doing a simple craft with your child and make a little gift for his/her teacher while you’re at it ? (…teacher’s pet…)

I love mason jars. They are so simple and cute. I decided I wanted to give a simple mason jar gift to his teacher. For this fun project to do with your child, you will need:

*a mason jar (any size)
*decorative fillers (in this case – little plastic fall leaves)
*sticky notes
*scrap of cloth

So simple!

Grab your little helper. Make sure he/she really wants to help you or else this won’t be fun at all. I started by having my son unscrew the jar, put the scrap of cloth on the jar and then put the cap back on with the scrap of cloth still on. I told him this as a whole three step direction. What a great way to combine learning with fun and crafts. He did it!

I had to do the next part. I used a blade to cut a hole at the top. After cutting the hole, you can remove the lid, pull the cloth lower on the rim and screw the lid back on top of the cloth and rim so that the edges are hidden.

The next part was fun for my little helper. Place the decorative fillers in the jar.

I watched Josh do this part over and over and over and over again.

Have your little helper open the bags of pencils and pens. He/she can practice his/her scissor skills. Again, combining learning with fun and crafts.

Have your little helper place the pens and pencils in the jar.

Admire your finished product with your little helper. Keep calling him your little helper so that he thinks he’s your little helper.

Ok, ok, he really was a little helper…

The finished teacher’s gift! I will add the sticky notes and place the gift in a decorative brown paper bag to give to my little helper’s teacher on the first day of Fall.

I hope she likes her little mason jar gift made with love and lots and lots

… and lots of time.

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