My Gratitude Journal

It’s as simple as reading a book!

I was reading an article recently that brought me joy because in it, it stated

“That the single biggest predictor of high academic achievement and high ACT scores is reading to children. Not flash cards, not workbooks, not fancy preschools, not blinking toys or computers, but mom or dad taking the time every day or night (or both!) to sit and read them wonderful books.”
– Alicia Bayer

When Sabrina was a toddler, her favorite book was “Goodnight Moon”.

She liked it so much, she pretty much memorized it. I saved it. Not because I planned on having another baby. In fact, I thought Sabrina was going to be my only child. I saved it because it was her ultimate favorite book and I just couldn’t bear to give it away. I treasured it. We read that book many a night. Little did I know that 13 years later I would have another baby. Little did I know that it would be one of his favorite books too (along with Brown Bear,Brown Bear, What do you see? and The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Now I read “The Giving Tree” to Joshua. He requests it almost every night. He likes it so much that right when I’m finished reading it, he wants me to read it again. He almost has it memorized now too. The funny thing is that this book also belonged to Sabrina but I didn’t save this book for him. Sabrina liked this book so much, she saved it herself. It stayed on her bookshelf for the longest time until she gave it to Joshua.

During the summer, Joshua worked on his own shark book. It’s not quite completed yet. It’s a work in progress. I think making a book with your child is a great way to research what he or she is interested in and put it in a book for you to read about at night with him or her.

It’s nice to know that all it takes is reading books to your child. Perhaps this is why it is always encouraged from birth. Currently for us, it is encouraged as part of homework for our kindergarteners. We as parents are assigned to read to our child for 20 minutes a night as homework.

No problem for Joshua and I because that was already part of our routine! It’s as simple as reading a book!

My Gratitude Journal

No yellow card for him

When I picked up Josh yesterday from school, he was sitting with a boy playing an origami paper game. He is definitely not the shy boy I thought he was. He introduced me to his friend but didn’t know his name. So I found out for him. Later I told him the best way to find out people’s names is to introduce yourself first. Say “hi! I’m Joshua” and then hopefully they’ll say “hi! I’m —-“. then I taught him a trick on how to memorize names. He said bye to two more people on the way out and also showed them his paper game. On the way to the car, he told me that some kids in his class got a yellow card. If they did, they had to tell their parents. I said “Were you one of them?” He said “no”… (sigh of relief). I asked him how his first day of PE was. He told me that they played red monkey green monkey. I asked him how his first hot lunch was. He said it was good and that it came with ketchup (chicken tenders). He said that they didn’t get to go play outside. I told him that maybe it’s because I picked him up before they had a chance to do that. He asked me if I could pick him up tomorrow after they go outside. He didn’t fall asleep on the way home this time.

Today when I picked him up, he was outside. I barely recognized him, he was so confident in his strides and looked like he fit right in with the “big” kids. The only reason I knew it was him is because he was so tiny and his long white socks went up to his knee (just the way he likes them). I took my eyes away from the field for a second and he was gone. I found him again at the water fountain sipping water and smiling while talking with a little girl. So cute. Today’s discussion consisted of two words: “Como estas”….Aha, Josh had Spanish class today. He tried to remember all the other words he learned and practiced them with me. He told me that he liked his music teacher and thinks he is funny.

Today I am grateful for fun times at school for Josh.

My Gratitude Journal

First week of kindergarten

Josh did great. He made friends. He said his best friend is Aidan. I met his mom. I also met Evan and his mom Markie. I got picked to either do ice cream sales or lice check. Please, ice cream sales, please ice cream sales.

Josh likes extended care. He likes playing outside. He likes the older kids. When I pick him up, he’s so tired, he falls asleep on the way home. All week was minimum day which meant school ended at 1:00 and the rest of the time he was in extended care.

He loves his new school. You can tell he has adjusted well. His teacher said he’s one of her best students. He listens well, falls in line and knows where everything is.

I’m so proud of him!