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You have the power to inspire

We had just returned from dropping off our daughter to college. It was nearing dinner time. Something was missing. Someone was missing. Someone wasn’t coming home…for dinner… at all… She has a new “home”now (according to her R.A.- Resident Advisor). Suddenly it hit me. Empty Nest Syndrome.

Ouch… 18 years went by too fast.

I texted her. I told her it felt weird. Funny because she texted me Friday night saying the same thing (her first night). Only we were still only 10 minutes away at that time, just staying in a hotel. Now, I guess it’s my turn to feel weird. She reassured me that everything will be okay. We can text, talk, facetime. She told me the next few weeks will be hard, but that we will get used to it. I looked at the pictures that we took on Friday and Saturday. That distracted me for a little bit. Sad again. I went on Pinterest to distract me, sad again…Time for Facebook… Started scrolling… Aha moment! Why does this always happen to me? When I am angry or need inspiration or in this case, when I’m sad and need some uplifting… There always seems to be one person’s post that “saves the day” for me. Last time, it was this:

From my friend, Heather’s post on Facebook. I happened to be scrolling that day and this popped up. No such thing as coincidence that day. It was my special message because it lifted me out of a hole. The other day, my friend Marcela had posted a link about things falling apart so that things can fall together. No such thing as coincidence that day. Again, it was my special message because it reminded me of how much stronger we are as a family even after all we have been through. Perhaps things do happen for a reason. And again today, Marcela posted this quote:

“If you concentrate on finding what is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude.” M.V.

Just when I was feeling that empty nest syndrome (even though I still have a 5 year old), I took this quote to heart. I concentrated on the good in this situation (and there is so much good in this situation. I was just feeling sad and missing her.) I focused on gratitude. Which also brings me to this:

“You may be only one person in this world, but to one person at one time, you are the world.” Anonymous

You have the power to inspire. One person at a time. You never know who that person will be, maybe someone you know, maybe a stranger, but always having good intentions, positive thoughts and a kind heart make a difference.

One person at a time.

8 thoughts on “You have the power to inspire”

  1. My mother had a really hard time when I went off to college. I was an only child and my parents were used to me always being home for dinner etc 🙂 Then I moved 2500 miles away after undergrad and that was another transition. It all worked out though. We used the phone a lot and sent each other gifts and packages in the mail. I hope that the transition is smooth for you, periods of adjustment are always hard.


  2. My dad had time when I moved away to college (8 hours away from home). He said since he was paying the phone bill, I was expected to call so many times a week! lol That was way before cell phones were common. I had a hard time moving that far away too.


  3. Reading this post gives me an incredible perspective. While I'm working at a coffee shop, my two year old is next door in an early education program. I love these three hours to focus on my blog and a freelance gig that I got, but it makes me feel emotional to think about her one day going to college. Sometimes I want to freeze time and sometimes I can't wait until bedtime. The days get tiring, but I know time is fleeting. Thanks for helping me remember that this all goes by too quick. When my daughter inevitably goes away to college one day, I probably won't remember the challenges. I'll just miss her. Knowing this helps me stay patient. 🙂 (if you'd like to stop by)


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