My Gratitude Journal

Everything happens for a reason

Did the backpacks get bigger or is it just my imagination? The second day of Kindergarten went great! Josh’s backpack takes up half of his body. That doesn’t seem right. I bought a new backpack just so I can fit his homework folder in it. All that for one homework folder? The backpack looks a little longer because his lunch box is attached to the bottom. That’s an added convenience for him- a hands free lunch box .

When I picked up Josh from school today, he was nice and dirty. Yeah! That meant he had fun. And he was having fun. He was playing with a bunch of boys outside… He saw me, ran up to me and told me that they were playing volleyball. He was so happy.. He then proceeded to tell me about his day. Mrs. P., his teacher, walked him to after school care. He was the only one but when he got there, there was another one of his friends there too. Also, if the class fills up a container ( I’m guessing for good behavior), then they get to have a birthday party. He told me how he can’t wait until PE starts (so they must have talked about PE today at school because I’ve been trying to explain what that is to him). We walked up to the room to get his backpack. He was very confident in his strides. He asked me why I was walking in that direction. I said “hmmm… I don’t know… It’s your school… you show me the way”.. He skipped the other way and on the way down, he took a long sip of water from the water fountain. He showed me the “real” entrance and said “see?”. I said to him, “Oh! Well, thank you for showing me. You really know your way around your school!” He told me he made more friends today and that he wanted to finish his lunch in the car. Well, that never happened because by the time we got home, he was fast asleep.

Oh, another thing. I’m not too sure about this first day of school cookie party tradition. Josh only had two bites of one cookie. I had FIVE BIG cookies… in a row… Good thing the first day of school is only once a year.

I love how my tea bags have messages everyday. Today’s message was “Be Curious”. I also think that there is no such thing as coincidence. Because today I had more messages. “Breakdowns can cause breakthroughs” and “Things fall apart so things can fall together”. It reminded me of a quote that I had in my mind back in June when things were not so good.

I even wrote a post (although vague) about it back in June. Now look at us. Look at Josh. He is thriving. He is doing so well. He is transitioning into Kindergarten so smoothly. Even when we had to meet back with the old baseball team for evaluations a couple weeks ago, he did great, when normally he would’ve taken some time to warm up, sometimes even hanging onto me rather than going out onto the field.


Not this time. He went straight to the dug out and played with his friends. He even made some new ones and got invited to a swimming party! He went out onto the field when it was his time to be evaluated with no problem. So I believe it is true that things fall apart so that things can fall together. Maybe everything happens for a reason and that reason is always good, no matter how it seems at the time. One thing is for sure, it has made us stronger.