My Gratitude Journal

Be Fully Present in the Moment


My favorite part of this long weekend was spending time with our son practicing baseball. Since he has a baseball game on Thursday, a championship game, we have been spending a lot of time practicing at home.

On Sunday, he and I practiced swinging. How happy he was just to be outside practicing baseball. He had practice with his teammates and coaches on Memorial Day. The last practice of the season. His daddy played catch with him on the field to warm up before practice. That was a treat. Then later on, all the daddies played against the kids. The kids won. What a fun last practice. Joshua and all the boys were so happy. We came home and rested a little bit. While I made dinner, Joshua and his daddy practiced some more throwing and catching outside… Fun! Joshua really enjoyed all this quality baseball time with his daddy and mommy.

Being fully present in the moment.

Being fully present in the moment= Gratitude
Gratitude= Being fully present in the moment


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