My Gratitude Journal

Jaxx and Magster save the day

This Tragic Tuesday was beginning. As I sat in the room working on my gratitude list of my favorite things, Magster and Jaxx walked in. I was so consumed with my list, I didn’t even recognize their voices saying hi to me. Magster noticed that I wasn’t breathing. Thank God, because I didn’t even notice myself. What a change of mood these two brought for me. All of the sudden, I was no longer on my way down the roller coaster. Uh-uh. No tragic Tuesday for me! I was on my way up or as I like to think of it, on my way to awesomeness. Jaxx and Magster saved the day! We chit chatted about the little things, because sometimes it’s just the little things that are all you need.

So today I am grateful for my friends. Friends are there to lift you up. Even when they don’t know that they are doing it, just by being there, in the same room, smiling, laughing, giggling and sharing stories, being present with you.

SM oz

It’s going to be a Terrific Tuesday today.

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